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And Shaka Zulu Heartbreaking Soccer!
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Shaka Zulu Heartbreaking Soccer

Exciting New Hip Hop Basket Ball League - Basketball League

Hip Hop Basketball Cap

Our Hip Hop Don't Stop Basketball Fan Cap lets the public know Hip Hop Don't Stop Basketball is the next generation's
NBA alternative, professional basketball league.  Price: $49.00 and three to six weeks for delivery.
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In Less Than Three Years Hip Hop Don't Stop Basketball & Hearbreaking Shaka Zulu Soccer Will Replace NBA Basketball & FIFA Soccer All Over America

Dynamic Approach - Basketball League
Advertising Advantage - Basketball League

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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In All Fifty States

Dynamic Approach

With our new moves and dedication to basketball & soccer players development, this new league will change the game of basketball and soccer forever.

Advertising Advantage

Be the first company to grow with our innovative new approach to basketball & soccer with our opportunities for sports leagues sponsorships.



Learn about Hip Hop Don’t Stop Basketball Association

Hip Hop Don’t Stop Basketball Association in New York, New York, is a new basketball league introducing an exciting and innovative style of play that will change the game for good. Look out NBA, your days are numbered! All of our league games will be live streamed. The excitement grows as our league’s first five games will be played using classic NBA rules, and our last five games will be played using our exciting new game-changing brand of basketball that moves the sport to the next level.

Our league works to develop our young people and their sports careers, as well as provide an entertaining experience for our fans. We are also seeking advertisers who are willing to grow with our fantastic new sports experience. A copyright and trademark are being registered.

Shaka Zulu
My African-American Teams may play but are not allowed to lose to any non-African-American team!!

Shaka Zulu's Soccer

Heartbreaking Shaka Zulu Soccer is the most challenging game in the world. The new rules will take your breath away! Shaka Zulu new soccer rules throws out he old soccer namby pamby rules. Shaka Zulu rules really depend on every player playing their best at all times, defeat is unacceptable.

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